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meerecompany Supplies Revo-i Surgical Robot to Morocco


meerecompany recently announced that it will supply its Revo-i surgical robot to the Agadir University Hospital Center in Morocco making it the first time that meerecompany enters the North Africa market.

Morocco is a country with a population of 37 million people and a total GDP (based on PPP) in 2022 of 359.7 billion dollars. Based on GDP, it is the 5th biggest economy in Africa [i]. The Morocco government has also been working on the “Health Plan 2025” initiative since 2018 to improve its healthcare service, leading to a high demand for the modernization of healthcare equipment [ii].

Agadir University Hospital Center in Morocco is a large national hospital with a total of 867 beds and 17 central operating rooms. Modernization of healthcare equipment, including the introduction of surgical robots, will contribute to enhancement of the community health and healthcare services and aims at playing a core role in the research field as well. meerecompany is planning on sustainable cooperation with the hospital to promote robotic surgery in Morocco.

Revo-i surgical robot in Morocco

“Concluding the supply contract with Morocco is a big achievement that proves the recognition of Revo-i’s performance and competitiveness among global companies,” said Ho Kun Lee, Executive Vice President and Head of Surgical Robot Division of meerecompany. “We will more earnestly advance to the North Africa market, starting from Morocco,” Lee added.

Lee also said that “following our previous case of Uzbekistan, we again succeeded in the introduction of the first surgical robot in Morocco. With our Revo-i technology, we will work harder to contribute to the resolution of global imbalance in robot surgery distribution.”

meerecompany has successfully concluded multiple supply contracts of Revo-i in series domestically and overseas, expanding its influence in the market. It has achieved conclusion of supply contracts with multiple national hospitals, including Severance Hospital, a world-class national medical institution and tertiary general hospital recognized for its world’s best robotic surgery records. In September, it concluded another supply contract with a hospital based in Samarkand, Uzbekistan.

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[ii] African Development Bank Group. (2023, Jun 15). Morocco – Inclusive Access to Health Infrastructure Support Programme (PAAIIS) – Project Appraisal Report.

Source: meerecompany

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