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meerecompany Signs Business Agreement with Robot Endoscopy Surgery Center, Severance Hospital


meerecompany (CEO: Joon Koo Kim) has signed an education and training agreement with Severance Hospital for its Revo-i surgical robot. This business agreement is expected to provide an opportunity for more domestic and foreign medical professionals to personally experience the systematic education and training program for Revo-i in the Robot Endoscopy Surgery Center of Severance Hospital.

meerecompany said it concluded the Revo-i introduction and business agreement for efficient Revo-i training. The agreement mainly included:

  • Revo-i surgical robot education and training support center establishment and management.
  • Revo-i surgical robot education and training program development and management.
  • Medical device performance improvement based on education and training product evaluation.

With this agreement, domestic and foreign medical professionals will learn how to use Revo-i and get the opportunity to experience the training program for clinical application and research, including animal experiments and preclinical training such as cadaver workshops. Furthermore, a Revo-i dedicated training program will be provided where a cooperation seminar will be organized for meerecompany’s training staff and the robotic surgery specialists. They are rich in clinical experience and expertise in the hospital so that they can serve as mentors for trainees to provide tailored training such as surgery observation and discussion on clinical skill improvement.

The Revo-i training program is one of the elements that meerecompany particularly focuses on as it fundamentally uses specialized trainers to educate the basics and operation of the surgical robot and further aims at providing a user-tailored program for successful clinical application. Such a program is conducted in the education and training center in the hospital with the Revo-i curriculum generally managed by meerecompany.

It is well known that global medical device companies establish training centers all around the world and use them as research centers to closely communicate with medical professionals, promote new products, and collect improvement ideas. However, there has been no domestic training center for surgical robots developed with purely domestic technology. meerecompany staff even raised expectations, saying that, “The Revo-i education and training center will break the prejudices on domestic medical devices and expand hands-on experience and surgical robot experience for domestic and foreign medical professionals.”

Severance Hospital is highly reputed in the robotic surgery field. It is the first in the world to achieve 30 thousand cases of robotic surgery and has provided robotic surgery training for 2,169 trainees from 38 countries since the establishment of its domestic first robot training center in 2008. It is widely spreading the excellence of domestic robotic surgery with its clinical records in parallel with active academic research. Many medical professionals from domestic and foreign outstanding hospitals also visit Severance Hospital every year to take the training. “We hope this agreement will be the start of fruitful cooperation between Severance Hospital and meerecompany and a good example of vitalizing domestic medical devices. The world-renown Severance Hospital medical staff’s robotic surgery techniques and training know-how will draw attention to the domestic surgical robot from domestic medical professionals and be of great help to foreign medical professionals,” said Byung Soh Min, Head of the Robot Endoscopy Surgery Center.

“This agreement is especially significant in that we are building a cooperative relationship with Severance Hospital, which is a domestically and globally recognized leader in robotic surgery. It will be an opportunity to introduce the great capability of Revo-i to Severance Hospital medical staff and let foreign markets recognize K-medical technology power,” said Ho Kun Lee, Executive Director, head of the Surgical Robot Industry Division at meerecompany.

As the first domestic endoscopic surgery robot developed with unique domestic technology, Revo-i has been expanding its stage to various indications, including urology, surgery, and ob-gyn, since its launch in the domestic market. In particular, the Korea Cancer Center Hospital has recently been making achievements in multiple clinical cases such as prostate cancer, kidney cancer, rectal cancer, colon cancer, and thyroid cancer, drawing attention from the domestic and foreign markets.

Source: meerecompany

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