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meerecompany Appoints Ali Serdar Gözen as Global Revo Ambassador and Trainer


meerecompany has announced that Dr. Ali Serdar Gözen, a German urologist and a world-renowned expert in robotic surgery who has performed more than 1,000 robotic surgeries, was appointed as the first ambassador for the surgical robot Revo-i.

The official name of the Ambassador is “GRAT (Global Revo Ambassador and Trainer),” which will provide education to medical professionals and advice on R&D. Its goal is to take the lead in technology advancement and strengthen its global competitiveness through close collaboration with robotic surgery experts. Korean medical media Whosaeng met Dr. Gözen to talk about ‘GRAT’ in detail. A summary of the interview is shown below in English. For the full interview in Korean, please click here.

“I will do my best so that Revo-i occupies an important position in the global surgical robot market,” said Dr. Ali Serdar Gözen. Revo-i is the first Korean surgical robot developed with its own technology by meerecompany.

Dr. Gözen revealed that the reliability of Revo-i has greatly increased after 2 surgeons successfully used the product in live surgery that was performed in October last year in Uzbekistan.

“Despite the fact that the surgery was performed with accomplishing the simulator training on Revo-i, both patients have been successfully operated and were discharged quite early. This demonstrates that Revo-i is a well-designed product requiring a greatly reduced learning curve. It allows a surgeon equipped with a moderate or high level of robotic surgery skill to directly perform a surgery,” he emphasized.

The success of these live surgeries elicited a highly positive response from locals, the urologist who have followed the live surgeries in the conference hall.

“Those who participated in the live surgery session reacted with great enthusiasm to the surgery’s success and implications. Most of the attendees believed that a single company was occupying the market, but they were impressed that there was another option named ‘Revo-i.’ They were particularly inspired since it is a highly advanced product with the same performance as existing technology,” said Dr. Gözen.

He accordingly expected that there would be many questions from medical professionals and that this would lead to a continuous interest in Revo-i in central Asian countries.

As the ambassador of Revo-i, Dr. Gözen shared his aspiration to strive to make this robotic system occupy a well-deserved important position in the market. “This is not something I can realize and achieve on my own. Luckily, we have a great team, the Surgical Robot Division at meerecompany. I’m really glad that I can share my experience with this outstanding team through the project,” said Dr. Gözen.

He explained that the reason he accepted the offer of being the Revo-i ambassador (also known as GRAT) was that he had good knowledge of the surgical robot market.

“I am familiar with the robotic surgical market because I’m quite experienced with surgical robotic platforms on the market from different companies. Specifically, I realized that Revo-i would bring a bright future to the surgical robot market. I’m very pleased to introduce Revo-i to Europe, Africa, Asia, and America,” said Dr. Gözen.

When asked how he would evaluate Revo-i surgical robotic system compared to other surgical robots currently existing on the market, his answer was that Revo-i has the same functions, yet offers better and more economical services and qualities.

“Revo-i brings the same outcomes as others that are already in the market. We should keep in mind that a surgical robot is basically a master-slave (i.e., the slave replicates the same way as the master moves) system. In the end, I believe the surgeon’s skill and training are the most important factors for a surgery’s success. Thus, Revo-i offers good global competitiveness, and now is the right time for Revo-i to go out into the world, when many surgical robots are still not fully occupying their roles in the market. The better a product is, the greater the importance of its marketing. We need to make people out there know about the benefits and advantages of Revo-i,” said Dr. Gözen.

For a surgical robot, the after-sale maintenance service is also important. In this regard, meerecompany provides more benefits with expert engineers and an organized service compared to other competitors.

“Some of the companies that market new surgical robots don’t really provide optimal after-sale service for their products. On the other hand, Revo-i is differentiated in those programs – Revo Care and is also offered for a more reasonable price. That’s why I expect that it’ll allow greater access to robotic surgeries for more patients,” explained Dr. Gözen.

Dr. Gözen mentioned the benefits of Revo-i as the: Ergonomic design, 3DHD Viewer, well-designed instruments and Customer-friendly service.

“A newly applied optic system provides a very good and flexible 3D HD view, and this feature adds an advantage over the competing products,” said Dr. Gözen.

In addition, Dr. Gözen pointed out that customer-friendly service is also one of the important elements that affect whether or not a product is selected, mentioning Mercedes Benz and BMW as examples. “Because it is hard to select one product over the other based on performance these days, I believe a great customer-facing service will be the determining factor in selecting a brand. Likewise, better customer-friendly service will be the game changer in the surgical robot market. Indeed, the Revo-i team attended and kept their seat throughout the last live surgery performed in Uzbekistan. It showed that the Revo-i team really cared about their customers and their high-tech product.,” praised Dr. Gözen.

Many surgical robots are being developed globally, so Dr. Gözen believes that “great performance” is essential for Revo-i to survive.

“To survive in this surgical robot market, great performance is a prerequisite. And to realize that, we should find the best producers of individual parts for surgical robots and establish partnerships with them,” advised Dr. Gözen.

“It’s not necessarily required for meerecompany to produce an optic system on its own or to manufacture every part in every field. It would actually be more efficient to find the best part products that are already in the market and implement them. I believe we can all create better products when we partner with the best producers of important software products such as Augmented Reality (AR), organ recognition and ICG (Indocyanine green),” emphasized Dr. Gözen, mentioning a German brand automobile as an example.

Indeed, meerecompany is operating the “Open Ecosystem” for active cooperation with global hi-tech companies in regard to secondary technologies that can add value while internalizing the core primary technology.

Dr. Gözen demonstrates his will to do his best as a GRAT (Global Revo Ambassador and Trainer) advisory plans to participate in EAU (European Association of Urology), MMISU (Mediterranean Minimally invasive surgery in Urology) and DGU (The German Association for Urology) to introduce Revo-i and also plans to prepare a surgery case and thesis presentation.

Additionally, he is planning to hold a symposium in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. He mentioned that the goal of this symposium is to create a forum to invite medical professionals from neighbouring countries such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan and introduce Revo-i to them.

When asked about the company’s strategy to make Revo-i take a dominant position in the surgical robot market, his answer was “We should target a market that needs surgical robots and raise our occupancy there. Also, the company and medical professionals should work together on coming up with and realizing future shaping ideas.”

“I hope there will be events where domestic medical professionals, as well as foreign ones, can mutually cooperate and share opinions regarding Revo-i. The medical system can develop based on feedback from actual users such as medical professionals. I believe the surgeons, OR staff and developers have their own, different thoughts on what should be improved. I want to contribute to making a forum for opinion exchange where users can communicate with each other, to ultimately help create user-friendly products,” he said.

He added that he ultimately wishes for the development of a surgical robot that can reduce the economic burden on patients and improve operational efficiency at hospitals.

Dr. Gözen, born in Turkey, graduated from Istanbul University, Faculty of Medicine, and is currently working as a leading urologist in Germany. He has performed more than 1,000 cases of robotic surgery and is considered a world-renowned expert in robotic surgery.

He is also serving as the chair of the ESUT (EAU Section of Uro-technology) at EAU.

Prof. Dr. Ali Serdar Gözen


  • Istanbul University in Turkey
  • Trakya University Turkey and Martin-Luther-University Germany


  • medius KLINIKEN Head of the Robotic Surgery Centre (2023-Present)
  • SLK Kliniken Heilbronn GmbH · Vice clinic director of urology in Germany (2009-2023)
  • Martin-Luther University · urology in Germany (1997-1999)
  • Participation in Academic Societies and Research
  • President of EAU Section of Uro-technology (ESUT)
  • Active member of EAU and Endourology Society

Source: meerecompany

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