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meerecompany and MYOUNGJU Hospital Sign MOU and Contract to Supply Revo-i

Robotic surgery training partnership

Joon Koo Kim, CEO of meerecompany, and Myoung Ju Shin, director of MYOUNGJU Hospital, sign a memorandum of understanding.

meerecompany has announced that it has signed a contract to supply Revo-i surgical robot to MYOUNGJU Hospital, a general hospital in Yongin, and a partnership memorandum of understanding (MOU) for robotic surgery training.

meerecompany will supply the surgical robot Revo-i to MYOUNGJU Hospital which will start using Revo-i and support robotic surgery education and training for the first time in the south-east region of Gyeonggi-do.

The two sides will focus on three areas:

  • Development and operation of robotic surgery education and training programs for domestic and foreign medical personnel.
  • Support for robotic surgery dry labs and professional trainers.
  • Sharing knowledge for the clinical spread of robotic surgery and cooperation to foster excellent robotic surgery medical staff domestically and abroad.

MYOUNGJU Hospital, located in Cheoin-gu, Yongin-si, Gyeonggi-do, is a general hospital with 230 beds and equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and medical staff. This includes: a hybrid operating room, state-of-the-art MRI, negative pressure isolation ward, respiratory clinic, and artificial kidney center. Revo-i was introduced with the intention of providing precise and safe minimally invasive surgery. It is equipped with 16 specialized centers, including cardiovascular center, cerebrovascular center, spine center, joint center, and surgical center, and is currently building an annex with 400 beds on a site of 8,000 pyeong to prepare for becoming a 600-bed advanced general hospital. With the introduction of Revo-i, the full-scale operation of the robotic surgery center is about to begin.

Myoung Ju Shin, Director of MYOUNGJU Hospital, said, “We decided to introduce the latest cutting-edge robotic surgery equipment to establish a medical environment that puts patients first. As a base hospital for robotic surgery in the south-east region of Gyeonggi Province, we will fulfil our responsibility and role to provide excellent medical services and contribute to fostering experts in the field of robotic surgery.”

meerecompany CEO Joon Koo Kim said, “With this supply contract and MOU, Revo-i’s product power and brand competitiveness was once again recognized. As MYOUNGJU Hospital is responsible for medical services in the south-eastern region of Gyeonggi Province, we will do our best to ensure that more patients in the region can receive high-quality medical services through Revo-i robot surgery, starting with the reference.”

Meanwhile, Revo-i is a surgical robot successfully developed and commercialized for the first time in Korea by meerecompany. In May 2021, it was designated as the 10th Innovative Medical Device by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety and was recognized for its advanced technology in the field of medical robot technology. In addition, it has been introduced to various medical institutions in Korea, including Severance Hospital, a tertiary general hospital, and has secured clinical safety and reliability in various indications.

Source: meerecompany

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