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Medicaroid Announces Successful Demonstration of Remote Surgery Between Singapore and Japan


Medicaroid Corporation announces the successful demonstration of remote surgery between Singapore and Japan’s Aichi prefecture (5,000 km apart) by the hinotori Surgical Robot System (hereinafter referred to as “hinotori”). This was Japan’s first remote surgery demonstration conducted between Singapore and Japan.

Remote surgery refers to the concept of support and guidance of surgery using information and communication technology by supervisory doctors at different medical facilities.* Technology to operate a single roboticassisted surgery system between two facilities will enable experienced surgeons to provide surgical support for patients at a distance. This technology also enables access to advanced surgical care anywhere in the world and can contribute to the elimination of health disparities, an international challenge. In addition, remote surgical instruction will improve the quality of education for physicians worldwide.

This demonstration was planned to verify the feasibility of remote surgery and remote surgical support at a distance of approximately 5,000 km apart, using the surgeon cockpit installed at the National University of Singapore and the hinotori system installed at the Medicaroid Intelligence Laboratory Nagoya (MILTM-Nagoya) situated at Fujita Health University. The demonstration was scheduled from October 9th to12th. On October 9th, as the first case in Japan, use of the hinotori was performed by operating from Singapore and manipulating an organ model in Japan.

The hinotori has received regulatory approval from Health Sciences Authority (HSA) in Singapore on September 13th.

Remote surgery of Medicaroid is still in a research and development phase. Medicaroid will continue to pursue the development of this technology towards clinical use to provide the environment where advanced surgical treatment is available anywhere in the world.

Through its medical robots, Medicaroid will continue to support an abundant society where all patients, patients’ family, and healthcare workers can live with peace of mind.

* Guideline on Remote Surgeries, by Japan Surgical Society

Source: Medicaroid

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