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Lightpoint Medical Announces World’s First Use of SENSEI Robotic Gamma Probe for Lung Surgery


SENSEI Probe Used with the da Vinci Surgical Robotic Platform to Locate Lung Lesions.

Lightpoint Medical has announced that Dr. Doug Adams, a specialist in robotic thoracic surgery at Bethesda North Hospital (part of TriHealth, Ohio) performed a first-in-the-world lung procedure with SENSEI, the company’s new miniature robotic gamma probe.

SENSEI is smaller than an AA battery and designed specifically for robotic and minimally-invasive surgery. The miniature size and proprietary features make the technology ideal for tight surgical spaces such as the thoracic and pelvic cavities.

SENSEI was used by Dr. Adams in two procedures with the surgical robotic platform, da Vinci Xi, to intra-operatively locate small lung lesions to help diagnose disease. Small lesions in the lung are notoriously hard to locate during surgery.

With broad application in radio-guided surgery across multiple procedures and major cancer types, SENSEI is currently in use worldwide in prostate, cervical, and colorectal cancer surgery.

Dr. Doug Adams, Cardiothoracic Surgeon, Bethesda North Hospital said, “Using SENSEI® was very straightforward with the da Vinci Xi. I was able to easily manipulate the SENSEI® probe within the surgical cavity, see the gamma signal within the robotic console, and quickly locate the small lesions. Being able to perform the procedure with minimal impact on the patient is a high surgical priority. By having a technique that can be easily carried out minimally-invasively with a surgical robot is a significant improvement and technological advance.”

Lightpoint Medical CEO, Graeme Smith, added, “Dr. Adams use in the USA and in the lung are both “firsts” for SENSEI® and are significant milestones for Lightpoint Medical. SENSEI®’s unique features are ideal for thoracic procedures and offer the potential for better outcomes for patients and clinicians.”

Source: Lightpoint Medical.

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