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Ganymed Robotics Announces a Series of Senior Leadership Appointments


Ganymed Robotics has announced a series of senior leadership appointments to drive the company’s growth as it prepares for industrialization and commercial launch. The firm has appointed 5 seasoned executives to lead strategic and operational developments across all key functions, ranging from product development to regulatory and market access, finance, human resources and legal. Former companies include ZimmerBiomet, Alphatec, EOS Imaging, Corwave, Beckton Dickinson, Robocath, Médecins Sans Frontières.

The composition of the new Executive Committee exhibits strong expertise in both launching innovative medical devices and scaling medtech companies, as well as gender parity. It is composed of 8 members : Sophie Cahen, CEO and co-founder, Silvère Lucquin, Chief Operating Officer, and Michel Vernizeau, VP R&D, and 5 seasoned new members: Lukas Vancura as VP Product Marketing, Clémentine Liard as VP Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs (QARA), Sandra Demol as Human Resources Director, Julien Puaux as VP Finance and Juliette Loget as General Counsel. These additions to the Executive Committee reflect Ganymed’s continued attractiveness for talents of all seniority, and its commitment to bringing its game-changing arthroplasty robot into operating rooms as quickly as possible.

“I am delighted to partner with such talented senior executives who bring to the company their impressive experience and recognized expertise, as we accelerate the development of our revolutionary patented technology platform and prepare for industrialization and launch of our first surgical robotic assistant for knee arthroplasty,” says Sophie Cahen. “The arrival of the leadership team’s newest members is a testimony of the swift growth that Ganymed accomplished over the past 18 months, both on the scientific and operational fronts, and speaks to a team united by a profound sense of shared purpose.”

Ganymed Robotics’ ambition is to democratize access to quality care in hard tissue surgery. The company aims to secure and standardize a complex surgical gesture, so that each patient gets the right, personalized care. The first application is a co-manipulated surgical robotic assistant for total knee arthroplasty (TKA). It has developed a proprietary technology platform built around two disruptive innovations: contactless localization of the bones and human-machine collaborative movement.

Over the past 18 months, Ganymed reached several major milestones, attesting of its ability to efficiently implement its growth strategy: it completed a 36 M€ Series B fundraising round with a high-profile group of healthcare investors, welcomed two world renowned independent members on its Board of Directors, Michel Therin et Mike Lobinsky, doubled the size of its team across all functions to reach 40 persons today, secured strategic partnerships, moved forward with regulatory and marketing developments, won new national and international innovation awards, and ran successful pre-clinical tests. With the arrival of high-profile senior executives on its leadership team, Ganymed is ideally positioned to successfully accelerate the execution of its strategic, industrial, and operational development plan.

Source: Ganymed Robotics

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