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French Hospital Network Unicancer Purchases Multiple Accuray Radixact® Systems


Radixact® Systems with the ClearRT™ Helical Fan-Beam kVCT Imaging and Synchrony® Technologies.

Accuray has announced that Unicancer has selected three Radixact® Systems with the ClearRT™ helical fan-beam kVCT imaging and Synchrony® real-time delivery adaptation technologies to further their goal of providing truly personalized care to every cancer patientThe Unicancer team began leveraging the benefits of the TomoTherapy® helical radiotherapy delivery platform more than 15 years ago. The Radixact System, based on the TomoTherapy platform, ClearRT and Synchrony technologies will enable them to treat almost any tumor that would benefit from radiotherapy, including those that move, with even greater efficiency, precision and accuracy.

ClearRT is a novel, helical CT imaging solution designed to produce exceptional diagnostic-like quality CT images, quickly and cost-effectively. Because high-quality images are crucial to each step of the radiotherapy treatment workflow, the ability to “See More, Know More, and Do More,” when treating tumors with radiation will enable medical care teams to improve patient care. ClearRT also integrates with other Accuray-only applications, such as Synchrony, an advanced technology that adapts treatment delivery to tumor motion in real time.

“Unicancer is one of our largest customers with over 30 Accuray systems. We are gratified by their team’s continued confidence that our proprietary radiotherapy technologies will enable them to provide more precise and effective radiation treatments for their patients,” said Suzanne Winter, president of Accuray. “Unicancer has a long-standing reputation for high-quality, patient-first cancer care. This most recent purchase of three Radixact Systems with our latest innovations, ClearRT and Synchrony, and a recent upgrade to the latest CyberKnife® S7™ platform, supports Unicancer’s priority of investing in new technology to ensure that their cancer patients will benefit from the most advanced and accurate technologies available.”

Unicancer is the only French hospital network 100 percent dedicated to the treatment of cancer. The more than 30 Accuray TomoTherapy and CyberKnife platform systems in use by Unicancer medical care teams provide them with the flexibility to deliver radiation using a variety of methods – from image-guided intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IG-IMRT) to stereotactic body radiation therapy (SBRT) and conventionally fractionated to hypofractionated treatments – depending on each patient’s unique needs.

“Unicancer is a busy network of cancer centers focused on providing the more than 530,000 patients we treat each year with the best possible care. Our teams are committed to identifying and using advanced radiotherapy techniques that make it possible to offer patients more targeted and less invasive treatments,” said Luc Delporte, director of purchasing and access to innovation. “We made the decision to upgrade to the Radixact Systems to access its latest imaging and motion synchronization features – ClearRT and Synchrony. We believe the combination of these technologies will enable us to deliver a new level of precision and accuracy when treating the wide range of cancer cases we see and improve the overall quality of care we provide.” 

Source: Accuray Incorporated.

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