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First Surgeries with Globus Medical’s ExcelsiusGPS® Interbody Solutions

New ExcelsiusGPS® Interbody Solutions module expands system for planning and navigating the entire interbody fusion procedure.

Leading musculoskeletal solutions company, Globus Medical, Inc., today announced that Dr. Sheeraz Qureshi (Hospital for Special Surgery, New York, NY) and Dr. Paul Park (University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI) were the first surgeons to utilize the ExcelsiusGPS® Interbody Solutions module. Dr. Qureshi performed a robotic navigated transforaminal lumbar interbody (TLIF) fusion and Dr. Park executed a robotic navigated single position lateral interbody fusion procedure, both using the ExcelsiusGPS® robotic navigation system.

Enhanced utility and efficiency further define ExcelsiusGPS® as the leader in spinal robotics. The system delivers best-in-class responsiveness through next generation software, advanced merging capabilities, and faster robotic arm movement. With the use of navigated instruments to target planned interbody trajectories and optimal port or retractor placement, ExcelsiusGPS® Interbody Solutions seamlessly improves surgeon workflow. “I am very excited for the newest evolution of the ExcelsiusGPS® platform,” said Dr. Sheeraz Qureshi. “This update provides advanced solutions for interbody placement using a robotic navigation platform that do not currently exist.”

ExcelsiusGPS® Interbody Solutions is changing what computer-assisted surgery means for surgeons globally. Surgery with ExcelsiusGPS® has evolved from planning and placing pedicle screws to helping surgeons perform robotic navigated TLIF and LLIF procedures from start to finish. Surgeons can now seamlessly navigate disc preparation, trialing, and interbody insertion through a rigid arm-mounted retractor. ExcelsiusGPS® Interbody Solutions allows for fine-tuned interbody planning of implant size and position with exceptional 3D visibility. Visualizing the implant plan while navigating instruments and implants may help surgeons better achieve surgery goals and execute plans, level by level. As Dr. Paul Park remarked, “The advanced planning and ability of the robot to impact surgery beyond screw placement makes Interbody Solutions the next step forward in the evolution of robotic spinal surgery.”

Globus Medical’s ExcelsiusGPS® is designed to enhance the safety, accuracy, and operating room efficiency of spinal surgery. Every day, this revolutionary platform is helping surgeons and hospitals globally provide the best possible treatment options for their patients. Now, the best-in-class robotic navigation system advancing spine surgery just got better with ExcelsiusGPS® Interbody Solutions.

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