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EndoQuest Robotics Announces Installation of its Endoluminal Surgical System at Brigham and Women’s Hospital


Installation to Advance the Clinical and Procedural Development of the ELS System.

EndoQuest Robotics announces that its proprietary Endoluminal Surgical (ELS) System will be installed at Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) in Boston, MA.  The ELS System is the world’s first endoluminal robotic surgical system that makes it possible for therapeutic endoscopists and surgeons to perform scar-free upper and lower gastrointestinal surgery less-invasively through a trans-oral or trans-anal approach.

“Successful endoluminal surgery requires innovation in technology and procedural techniques,” said Christopher C. Thompson, MD, Professor of Medicine and Director of Endoscopy, Brigham and Women’s Hospital.  “The EndoQuest System is the world’s first fully robotic platform specifically designed for gastrointestinal tract surgery and can enable endoscopists to perform many procedures that are very challenging or not possible today.” 

EndoQuest’s Endoluminal Surgical System represents an innovative advance in minimally invasive surgery that combines the flexibility of conventional endoscopy with the advantages of traditional surgical techniques to improve control and outcomes.  With this technology, therapeutic endoscopists and surgeons can perform a range of surgeries by accessing target disease sites directly through the body’s existing lumens. The ELS System design features a proprietary endoscope that works as a flexible and steerable overtube supporting the use of two surgical instruments and a videoscope.  The minimally invasive procedures can be performed using only internal incisions that do not result in visible scarring.  The enhanced capabilities of the robotic ELS System bring endoscopists and surgeons new levels of precision and control they need to use surgical techniques that were not previously possible.

“We are very pleased to partner with Brigham and Women’s Hospital, a global leader in innovation in endoluminal surgery, and look forward to working with them to advance the clinical and procedural development of the ELS System,” said Kurt Azarbarzin, Chief Executive Officer of EndoQuest Robotics.  “We also hope to expand this relationship to include BWH as a center for our planned IDE clinical study in late 2023 and as our first Center of Excellence and training facility in the U.S.”

Source: EndoQuest Robotics

The ELS System is under development, has not been cleared by the FDA and is not for commercial sale in the United States.

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