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ECM PCB Stator Technology Wins 2023 IDEA Awards for its PrintStator Electric Motor CAD Software

IDEA Awards for PrintStator Electric Motor CAD Software

ECM PCB Stator Tech was recently announced a winner and honoree in the 2023 Industrial Design, Engineering & Automation (IDEA) Awards.

ECM won the IDEA Awards’ Design and Operations Software category for its PrintStator Motor CAD platform.

The IDEA Awards also recognized ECM as an honoree in the Electric Motors, Drives and Components category for its ultra-light, premium efficiency, next generation, pump motor design created by PrintStator.

Hosted by Endeavor Business Media, the IDEA Awards celebrate outstanding innovation in product design and engineering. Finalists and winners are selected by the editorial teams of five publications and a readers’ choice vote by the engineering community of Machine DesignElectronic DesignPower & MotionMicrowaves & RF and Vision Systems Design.

“ECM is honored to receive recognition from the IDEA Awards’ editors and readers for our PrintStator Motor CAD software and integrated PCB Stator technology. Electric motor design and performance are in need of a 21st century makeover. PrintStator delivers that capability to the public via SaaS,” ECM CEO Brian Casey said.

The IDEA Awards distinctions underscore the dynamic benefits of ECM’s software offering and business model. As a company, ECM pairs PrintStator Motor CAD to patented PCB Stator innovation to create premium performance, next generation electric machines.

PCB Stators replace the bulky copper windings in traditional motors with an ultra-thin disc. PCB Stator motors designed via PrintStator are up to 70% lighter than conventional options, while achieving efficiencies in the mid-90s, and requiring just 20% of the raw materials.

As a SaaS design tool, PrintStator serves a critical market need while offering benefits to energy sustainability.

Macro trends—such as mass electrification and automation—are pushing global demand for specialized electric motors to over a billion units annually in a sector valued at over $200 billion.

On energy sustainability, research underscores that outdated electric motor systems account for over 40% of global electricity consumption.

These scenarios present a complex challenge: how to meet the supply needs of a world that demands over a billion specialized electric motors annually in a more sustainable way.

PrintStator delivers a product and technological solution in results and scalability.

As a software platform, PrintStator powers the custom design and manufacture of PCB Stator electric motors to precise performance and form factor requirements.

To scale these benefits broadly, PrintStator’s SaaS offering allows any electronics innovator—from startup entrepreneur to big-company engineer—to become an electric motor designer and producer.

ECM’s SaaS model extends options for vertical integration and production to large and small industry players alike.

Source: ECM PCB Stator Tech

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