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ECM PCB Stator Technology Opens European Offices


ECM PCB Stator Technology has opened branches in the UK and Spain to meet global electric motor design demand and named team member James McMullan as its Director of European Operations. As part of the expansion, ECM will continue to grow its Barcelona and London based engineering and operations teams with strategic new hires.

The European branches will empower ECM’s upcoming global SaaS release and growing electric motor design and software business that serves clients across an array of electrified verticals. ECM pairs its patented printed circuit board (PCB Stator) innovation to a software optimization platform, PrintStator, to design bespoke electric machines with premium performance and sustainable characteristics.

In his role as Director of European Operations, McMullan will drive ECM’s business development activities in the region, while leading the company’s establishment of a Europe based engineering and client service team.

In fourth quarter 2022, ECM began beta testing of its PrintStator design software as a SaaS product with select partners, in advance of a full release in latter 2023.

In tandem with significant client growth, ECM recently re-located its headquarters to a newly constructed 6000 square feet corporate facility in Needham Heights, Massachusetts while also expanding its Bozeman, Montana operation into a new 5000 square feet facility. Both locations boast enhanced engineering capabilities – including a lab dedicated to advanced integration of ECM’s PrintStator motor CAD software into client design, prototyping, and manufacturing processes.

The Europe and US expansions empower ECM’s upcoming global SaaS release and growing electric motor design and software business. ECM aims to extend its PrintStator platform to innovators and engineers across the world to meet future requirements for highly specialized electric motors. By one estimate, need for electric motors will surge to over a billion units a year across nearly every imaginable vertical in a sector valued at well over $200 billion annually.

“ECM has seen tremendous demand for our PrintStator designed PCB Stator electric motor technology across Europe. The opening of branches in Barcelona and London will enable ECM to better serve that demand,” said ECM’s new Director of European Operations James McMullan.

“The new European presence, along with James’ leadership, will greatly augment ECM’s existing business and upcoming SaaS launch. This further enables ECM’s mission to extend the efficiency and sustainability benefits of PCB Stator, axial flux electric motor technology at scale across the world,” ECM CEO Brian Casey said.

Source: ECM – PCB Stator Technology

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