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Distalmotion picks HMD Labs’ NeuronSphere® platform

HMD Labs

HMD Labs, developer of NeuronSphere® – the complete data platform built to meet the specific needs of intelligent medical device development – has announced its partnership with Distalmotion.

Distalmotion is a medical device company founded and based in Lausanne, Switzerland. The company is on a mission to establish a new standard of care, where all surgeons and patients undergoing minimally invasive surgery in the abdomen can benefit from best-in-class robotics technology. To achieve this, they have established a new approach to robotic surgery called “on-demand robotics” and developed a corresponding, novel surgical robot called Dexter®.

The partnership with HMD Labs will enhance Distalmotion’s ability to leverage robotic and manufacturing data across their enterprise. Dexter is renowned for being a lean and user-friendly robotics platform that couples the precision of robotic surgery with the reliability of Swiss engineering. Dexter reduces the complexity in robotic surgery and integrates seamlessly with existing laparoscopic setups and workflows while also giving operating teams comprehensive access to the patient and robot at all times. Said flexibility to switch between preferred techniques and tools in the OR is the essence of on-demand robotics – it empowers surgeons by giving them total control of the OR and enables them to choose the optimal technique for every step of a surgical procedure. This added flexibility and control makes a difference for surgeons and patients, because every patient and every procedure is unique.

“HMD-Labs supports Distalmotion in accelerating our surgical robotics data management, real-time analytics, and ML capabilities by leveraging decades of experience in our space via their platform. This is why we joined their Lighthouse program in 2021 and adopted NeuronSphere in 2022.” explains Matthew Hall, Distalmotion’s Director Strategic Partnerships.

NeuronSphere is a suite of components, tools, and a SaaS platform that delivers intelligent medical device developers a comprehensive, compliant, and cost-effective data ecosystem.

“We’re excited to begin work with Distalmotion, as this dynamic global company advances robotic surgery and establishes a new standard of care in minimally invasive care,” said Brian Greene, HMD Labs co-founder and Chief Technology officer. “The NeuronSphere platform helps our clients perform foundational data analysis and visualization so they can allocate more of their resources to unique device feature development rather than managing what has rapidly become a quagmire of tool management in the modern data space. Our platform-and-toolkit approach frees innovators from these burdens so they can focus on quickly solving their specific clinical challenges.”

Source: HMD Labs.

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