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Cyber Surgery Announces Collaboration with Vicomtech

Clinical decision support system

Continuing with the development of its automated surgery robot, Cyber Surgery are collaborating with Vicomtech in the SURAI project.

Vicomtech is a renowned research center specializing in visual computing and artificial intelligence. Focusing on cutting-edge technology research, they bring expertise in developing innovative solutions and applications in the healthcare field. Vicomtech has supported Cyber Surgery from the beginning and their collaboration has been a fundamental part in the development of the robot over the past few years. With SURAI, the collaboration continues with the same goal: develop the features and capabilities of the robot, so it can function as a mechanical and anatomical guide to aid surgeons during spine surgeries.

The project has received government funding through the state program R+D+i, which is committed to supporting research and development initiatives that address societal challenges. Additionally, the state program for business leadership in R+D+i, C005/21-ED has recognized the potential impact of the SURAI project and provided financial support to ensure its success.

Assisting Surgeons with the Use of Automatic Schedules

The SURAI project (Mechanical and Anatomical Guidance Utilities for Spine Surgery) aims to develop a Clinical Decision Support System that assists surgeons in the scheduling process by proposing automatic schedules.

This collaboration will allow us to continue improving and advancing forward in our goal of guiding doctors in these types of procedures, applying the latest technology to maximize precision and improve spinal surgeries with robotic surgery. The combination of pioneering technology, medical expertise and support from the government sets the stage for significant advancements in the way we are able to take care of patients.

Source: Cyber Surgery

Surgical Robotics Technology

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