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CMR Surgical partners with Surgical Innovations to develop new surgical hybrid port access system


CMR Surgical has announced that it has worked with Surgical Innovations to develop YelloPort™ Elite 5mm, a new surgical port access system.

The surgical port is made up of a reusable trocar and cannula, with single use valve, which minimises clinical waste and reduces the cost for hospitals when compared to traditional single-use surgical ports1.

YelloPort Elite™ 5mm was designed specifically for CMR’s surgical robot Versius, though it is universal in nature and can be used in combination with a wider range of laparoscopic instrumentation.

YelloPort Elite™ 5mm received its CE Mark in February 2022 and will launch in Europe in April 2022 followed by a global rollout.


It is the first venture that Surgical Innovations and CMR Surgical have collaborated on.

David Marsh, Chief Executive Officer, Surgical Innovations, said: “We’re delighted to partner with CMR Surgical, a fellow British medical device company, to develop this new surgical Port Access System. Our ResposableTM products provide a high-quality hybrid instrument concept, with the clinical benefits of a small disposable element, reducing waste by at least 70% compared to fully disposable alternatives.”

Mark Slack, Chief Medical Officer, CMR Surgicalsaid: “When we talk to hospitals and clinical teams, we hear how important it is for them to reduce the environmental impact of the surgical products and instruments they use. We want to partner with hospitals to reduce waste and cost, whilst advancing performance. Working with Surgical Innovations to develop this new port, we’ve been able to do just that.” 

1 Rizan C, Bhutta MF. Environmental impact and life cycle financial cost of hybrid (Reusable/single-use) instruments versus single-use equivalents in laparoscopic cholecystectomy. Surgical Endoscopy. 2021 Sep 24:2

Source: CMR Surgical.

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