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CMR Surgical Announces Partnership with Orsi Academy

Orsi Academy is a world-renowned training centre based in Melle, Belgium.

Robotic surgery innovator, CMR Surgical (CMR), has today announced a partnership with Orsi Academy. Based in Melle, Belgium, Orsi Academy is a world-renowned training centre, which provides validated, academically certified tuition on next-generation techniques for minimal access surgery. The integration of the Versius® Surgical Robotic System into Orsi Academy training programmes provides a new opportunity for surgeons across the world to access robotic surgery training.

Professor Alexandre Mottrie, Chief Executive Officer for Orsi Academy: “We are pleased to confirm our training partnership with CMR Surgical – a company at the forefront of developing the latest robotic technology with its Versius system. We pride ourselves on working collaboratively with industry and using research-driven insights to help improve best practice across different types of surgery. As well as the precision and portability of Versius, its digital capabilities in recording data will become integral to our training programmes.” 

CMR invests heavily in training, with the CMR training programme consisting of multiple stages including: Versius e-learning, Versius trainer, residential training – where CMR partners with Orsi Academy to deliver hands-on training – which is then followed by CMR’s hospital installation and set-up. With the introduction of Versius into the operating theatre, there is an opportunity to use the data collected from Versius procedures to enhance surgical training. Versius acts as an interface between the surgeon and the patient, collecting data which can be used to inform future training programmes and improve surgical care.

Mark Slack, Chief Medical Officer for CMR Surgical commented: “When designing Versius, we wanted to create a unique system that had the potential to transform surgery and help ensure as many patients as possible are able to access the benefits of MAS. Combining the clinical expertise of Orsi Academy with the technical capabilities of Versius, we are confident that robotic MAS will increasingly become the worldwide standard of care.”

Versius has created significant opportunity for the greater adoption of MAS, with over 1,000 surgeries now complete. Versius is currently being used in healthcare systems across India and Europe, with further market expansion expected to be announced shortly.  

Surgical Robotics Technology

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