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CMR Surgical Announces Collaboration with Ledidi

CMR Data-driven Clinical Practice

CMR Surgical has announced it has entered into a strategic collaboration with Ledidi to develop a state-of-the-art platform to host CMR’s clinical registry, further strengthening CMR’s focus on data-driven clinical practice.

The collaboration will further promote the value of clinical registries in the adoption of robotic surgery across a versatile range of specialties, as well as emphasising the importance of data-driven clinical practice for the improvement of care quality and patient outcomes. The registry data is also an invaluable source for preclinical and clinical research and will foster clinical and scientific collaboration between hospitals using the Versius surgical robot. Today, the CMR clinical registry already has over 8,000 surgical cases captured from across gynaecology, colorectal, thoracic, general surgery and urology, providing a wealth of surgical insights.

As part of this new collaboration, CMR will be using the Ledidi platform to continue to provide hospitals across Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Latin America using Versius, access to the registry. The platform facilitates seamless data capture and analysis, through a simplified process, and is designed for multi-centre collaborations that will further increase the value of the high-quality clinical data entered into the registry. CMR and Ledidi will also collaborate to strengthen both preclinical and clinical research as the use of the Versius Surgical System is expanded into a wider range of surgical procedures across multiple surgical disciplines.

Dr Mark Slack, Chief Medical Officer and Co-founder of CMR Surgical commented: “CMR launched one of the world’s first clinical registries, as we know that clinical data can provide crucial insights into the safety, effectiveness and quality of robotic surgery. Through our new collaboration with Ledidi, we are further reinforcing our emphasis on clinical registry data. Such data sets are essential for advancing preclinical and clinical research and ultimately improving surgery for the benefit of patients. With Ledidi’s unique collaborative and analytical capabilities, we are able to deliver real-time insights that will benefit Versius surgeons. The registry platform will also increase collaboration between hospitals using Versius and across surgical specialties.”

Dr Einar Martin Aandahl, Chief Executive Officer and Co-founder of Ledidi said: “We are very excited to partner with CMR Surgical. Data-driven clinical practice is fundamental to deliver high-quality medical care, and with CMR’s goal of delivering minimal access surgery to everyone who needs it, clinical data is of utmost importance. We are also very excited about our ambitions to further strengthen medical research, and we hope to be able to foster thriving collaborations among the hospitals that offer their patients the benefits of Versius. Our vision at Ledidi – to improve health and wellbeing for all – is echoed in this partnership.”

Source: CMR Surgical

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