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CMR Surgical and M.E.D. Surgical Announce Partnership to bring Versius to Ireland


CMR Surgical (CMR) and M.E.D Surgical have announced an agreement to bring the next-generation Surgical Robotic System, Versius®, to Ireland.

In Ireland, robots have been used in soft-tissue surgery since 2008. They are employed to support surgeons to perform minimally invasive procedures, which have significant patient benefits including less pain and risk of infection, as well as reduced post-operative recovery time [1] . While historically use of robots has been predominantly limited to private clinics and major teaching hospitals in Ireland, CMR is committed to broadening access to this next-generation technology through its versatile system and flexible commercial model.

CMR’s system, Versius, is the only small, portable, and modular surgical robot on the market which means that it can work in virtually any hospital setting and operating room. With its small footprint and lightweight design, Versius can be easily moved between departments so hospitals can maximise its utilisation, which can be critical for many centres adopting new technologies.

David Laheen, Head of Sales at M.E.D. Surgical, comments: “We are proud to have a healthcare sector that globally leads the way in the adoption of new technology. With CMR’s Versius robot and our expertise in the Irish market, we believe the introduction of Versius will offer all surgeons and hospitals the opportunity to transform how surgery is performed.”

Surgical robots have become well-established for their use in prostate cancer surgery; however, they are now increasingly being adopted for a broader range of surgical specialties including benign and complex benign gynaecology, colorectal and general surgery. Through using Versius as part of a multi-specialty robotics programme and converting more cases to minimal access procedures, hospitals have been found to save up to 450 bed days annually. 2

Ana Raduc, UK and Ireland General Manager for CMR Surgical, adds: “This is an exciting step for CMR as we continue to make robotic assisted surgery more widely accessible to patients around the world. We look forward to partnering with hospitals, surgeons and surgical teams in Ireland to bring our highly versatile and digital solution to the operating room.”

This announcement follows the recent news that Versius has now been installed in over 100 hospitals globally, including several NHS hospitals and world-renowned centres across Europe.

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2 Milton Keynes University Hospital: Versius® Robotic Assisted Surgery Case Study February 2022

Source: M.E.D Surgical

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