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BIONIK Laboratories Reports 72% Increase in Patient Sessions on its InMotion® Robotic Devices Since Launch of InMotion Connect™ Platform


BIONIK Laboratories, a robotics company focused on providing rehabilitation and assistive technology solutions to individuals with neurological and mobility challenges from hospital to home, today announced hospitals and other healthcare facilities utilizing InMotion Connect™ have seen a 72% increase in patient sessions on InMotion® robotic devices nationwide since the launch of the proprietary data platform last year. Over that same period, the hospitals also experienced:

  • 58% increase in total session hours (time spent by patients utilizing InMotion® robots)
  • 47% increase in total number of patients using InMotion® robots
  • 65% increase in individual patient treatment time
  • 47% increase in number of patient repetitions (movements)
  • Three consecutive quarters of patient session growth from Q4 2020 through Q2 of 2021.

“We are pleased to report significant growth in key performance indicators such as patient sessions, session duration, patient treatment time, and repetitions as it relates to the use of our InMotion® technologies following the launch and integration of InMotion Connect™. The InMotion Connect™ platform enhances technology adoption and clinician engagement at each facility, which we have seen first-hand over the last year,” said Richard Russo, Jr., interim CEO and Chief Financial Officer of BIONIK. “We believe that this positive growth trend will continue as healthcare facilities continue to seek innovative technologies that can further enhance the efficacy and quality of patient care. Our leading robotics solutions, powered by AI and InMotion Connect™ position BIONIK well as we seek to further penetrate the market.”

InMotion Connect™ is a cloud-based data analytics solution that securely streams and stores anonymized data from all connected InMotion® robotics devices to BIONIK’s cloud server hosted by Amazon AWS, providing contextual and relevant data to reach hospital clinicians and management teams when it matters the most. It combines real-time data of each InMotion® robotic device with the knowledge and expertise of BIONIK’s clinical specialists to collaboratively partner with each clinic to promote utilization of the robotic devices and support clinician engagement, with the goal of enhancing patient care. Reporting capabilities in the platform focus on deep data analytics with customizable and adaptive dashboards to support effective decision making for clinicians and for hospital management. BIONIK continues to build its proprietary data platform, with future iterations potentially providing clinicians with insights to predict patient outcomes.

“With any significant capital investment, it’s important for administrators to understand how assets are utilized to ensure both optimal patient care and ROI on the purchase,” said Russo. “Technology adoption is often one of the biggest barriers to success within clinics, so we are proud to offer a solution that can engage clinicians and management by increasing the adoption and utilization of the investment and ultimately leading to better patient outcomes.”

BIONIK currently has approximately 280 InMotion® robotic systems in use to help stroke patients and those with other neurological conditions regain arm and hand movement through a combination of sensory-motor and visual cues along with provision of assist-as-needed motor learning reeducation techniques in the form of a neurotherapeutic robot. InMotion® robotic therapy guides the patient through specific tasks, aiming to improve motor control of the arm and hand by increasing strength, range of motion and coordination, and assisting with the provision of efficient, effective, intensive sensorimotor therapy.

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Source: BIONIK Laboratories Corp.

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