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Argenteuil Hospital Center Acquires Second Versius Robotic System


The centre acquires second Versius in less than a year.

CMR Surgical has today announced that Argenteuil Hospital Center has become the first hospital in Europe to use the Versius robot in four surgical specialties – urology, gynaecology, digestive and thoracic. Impressed with the benefits of Versius for both patients and surgical teams, the hospital has announced the acquisition of a second Versius robotic system, less than a year since it acquired its first robot. This will allow the hospital to continue and intensify the shift towards becoming a robotics centre of innovation.

The Argenteuil Hospital Center was the first French public hospital to be equipped with Versius in October 2020 in order to perform surgical procedures for which minimally invasive robotic surgery brings significant patient benefits. 

“We are proud to be the first European hospital to use Versius in four specialties. This is a testament to the speed with which our surgical teams were trained, persuaded by the benefits of minimally invasive robotic surgery for the patient as well as by the flexibility of the CMR Surgical robot,” explains Bertrand Martin, Director of Argenteuil Hospital. 

“Today, our objective is to accelerate the shift to robotic surgery with the acquisition of a second robot, which will enable us to better meet the needs of our patients and strengthen the attractiveness of Argenteuil Hospital for healthcare professionals- both surgeons and nurses.”

After urological, digestive and gynaecological surgery, thoracic surgery began at the end of April 2021, with mediastinal procedures, thymectomies and pulmonary resections for cancer. The surgical team has been able to significantly benefit from the possibilities offered by the robot, particularly in terms of surgical approach: for thoracic surgery, it allows, with a single main site approach under the rib, to spare the chest wall. To date, the various specialties have performed nearly one hundred procedures with the Versius system. 

According to Dr. Oro, urologist surgeon in charge of the robotics program, “the rapid adoption of the system is facilitated by its extreme user-friendliness, its small size and the remarkable agility of its arms. Moreover, because of the open console design, it maintains the important collaboration with the OR surgical team. It fits naturally into the usual functioning of the operating room.”

The arrival of a new system at Argenteuil Hospital will accelerate the deployment of robotic surgery in the four specialties, thanks to the increased competence of the teams and the multiplication of slots available for robot-assisted surgery. This will also allow for the integration of a training program.

“The arrival of a second robot is crucial in a general hospital if the objective is to allow all teams and all surgeons to benefit from the advantages of robotic surgery,” emphasises Jean-Claude Couffinhal, thoracic surgeon at the Argenteuil Hospital, delegate for robotics and innovation at the National Academy of Surgery, and member of the robotics group at the Ile-de-France Regional Health Agency. 

“The objective is not to reserve access to the robot for a few select surgeons, but to initiate the in-depth robotic change necessary for the use of all the new technologies in the surgical ecosystem. Versius makes this possible, especially since it is fully adaptable to the needs of surgery – and its modular design is compatible with all operating rooms. The use of a video platform allows us to share robotic interventions in real time with our European colleagues and thus to build up an international community of experience from the outset.”

The second robot arrives at Argenteuil Hospital in early July 2021 and is expected to be operational in September.

“We are very pleased that Argenteuil Hospital wanted to acquire a second system so quickly,” said Mark Slack co-founder and Chief Medical Officer of CMR Surgical. “This is a testament to the value of our system, which is designed to fit into virtually any operating room in order to bring the benefits of minimally invasive surgery to as many patients as possible. I look forward to supporting these very skilled teams as they expand their surgical repertoire. “

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