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Andor Health Adds Virtual Patient Monitoring to ThinkAndor Platform


Andor Health has announced expansion to its ThinkAndor® platform capabilities to include virtual patient monitoring (VPM).

An integral part of your virtual health strategy, VPM is key to improving population health. With the ability to connect to a variety of devices, including bring your own device (BYOD), ThinkAndor allows clinicians to track a patient’s health status remotely with VPM and intervene more quickly to improve outcomes and lower readmission rates. The ThinkAndor dashboard is device-independent and provides a unified view that pairs qualitative and quantitative metrics, including device data, EMR, lab information, and patient-reported outcomes.

“As enterprises begin implementing a sustainable virtual health strategy, it is important to understand that a cohesive strategy incorporates VPM,” said Srini Surendranath, chief product and strategy officer, Andor Health. “ThinkAndor virtual patient monitoring ensures a unified experience for care teams to evaluate and orchestrate next best actions for patients in the traditional hospital setting or at home.”

Patient kits are integrated with the overall virtual health platform where care team members can configure signals to monitor synchronously or asynchronously, and the team can effectively collaborate. VPM enables care teams to improve outcomes and infer next best actions through our AI platform by integrating insights from device monitoring data and patient submitted information.

VPM allows patients to learn how to manage their health as providers monitor the patient’s health status remotely ensuring long-term success. VPM also allows healthcare organizations to:

  • Improve care quality
  • Decrease unnecessary hospital readmissions
  • Save an average of $8,000 per patient annually
  • Expand access to healthcare
  • Improve patient support, education, and feedback
  • Enable care managers and clinical team members to collaborate on care
  • Ensure doctors and care teams maximize time with high- and rising-risk patient populations
  • Automate the orchestration of next best actions
  • Reduce clinician burnout.

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