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AI is Improving Surgical Procedures

RSIP Vision

Tools empowered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) are becoming more common, as they continue to improve patient outcomes in surgical procedures. According to Ron Soferman, CEO of RSIP Vision, the extreme stability and accuracy possible due to AI is driving higher success rates and reducing recovery time.

The Israel-based medical AI company develops advanced AI and computer vision driven solutions for the Medical field, with a strong lead in the Robotic Surgery thriving segment.

By now, we all know that more and more AI driven applications are introduced to the Radiology market, changing the diagnostic field and improving the diagnostic process. Not far behind, a substantial shift is happening in another critical medical segment – the operating room.

More and more medical robotic companies are taking advantage of the new capabilities driven from AI and innovative computer vision algorithms, to provide solutions that add accuracy and stability, save time and improve supervision on many daily surgery procedures. Besides improving the surgery process, this AI revolution also shortens recovery time and reduces infection risks, by favoring minimally invasive methods, which expose only the minimal needed surface for the robotic arms operation.

Our teams are developing state-of-the-art algorithmics solutions that make this revolution so real, giving surgical systems the capability to understand the medical scene, detect and monitor surgical tools during the procedure, offer a crystal clear real-time view of the treated organ, while allowing precise depth measurements and video supervision of the whole procedure indicating irregularities, missing tools or disposables and much more,” explained Ron Soferman in a recent interview.

RSIP Vision, is a global leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision technology, is developing and providing these advanced modules to Medical Surgery Vendors allowing them to provide specific solutions for a variety of surgical operations, in the Orthopedics, Aesthetics and General Surgery fields.

RSIP Vision is headquartered in Jerusalem Israel, and has a U.S. office in San Jose, CA.

Surgical Robotics Technology

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