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Accuray Announces First Patients Treated in Canada Using the Accuray Radixact® System


Accuray Incorporated has announced that the team at Quebec’s Montérégie Integrated Cancer Center, part of Charles-LeMoyne Hospital, is the first in Canada to treat cancer patients using the company’s Radixact® radiation therapy delivery system. According to the Quebec Cancer Foundation, “on average in Quebec, someone learns that they have cancer every 8 minutes1,” reinforcing the need for innovative new care options like the Radixact System that effectively manage the disease while minimizing the radiation dose to healthy tissue and associated risk of side effects that can impact daily life. A second Radixact System is scheduled to be installed mid-2024.

The Radixact System at the Montérégie center has been augmented with the Accuray exclusive ClearRT™ helical fan-beam kVCT imaging solution and Synchrony® motion adaptation technology. ClearRT can produce exceptional, diagnostic-like quality CT images while Synchrony enables clinicians to track, detect and correct for tumor movement in real-time, providing medical care teams with the tools to help improve radiation therapy department workflows and patient outcomes, and rapidly deliver treatments.

“Our goal at Accuray is to design radiation therapy solutions that can take on the most complex challenges — while making commonly treatable cases even easier — so patients get back to living their lives, faster. We are honored to partner with the Montérégie Integrated Cancer Center team to bring a new approach for the treatment of cancer to the people in the province of Quebec. With the installation of the Radixact System, ClearRT and Synchrony, the Montérégie team is setting a new standard for precision and accuracy in radiation therapy and making this form of care an option for more cancer patients,” said Suzanne Winter, president and CEO of Accuray.

The Radixact System provides a non-invasive option for the treatment of a wide range of cancerous and non-cancerous tumors throughout the body — from small to large tumors, multiple tumors, those located in hard-to-reach areas and recurrent tumors, to cancers of the skin and blood. The system can be used in combination with surgery, chemotherapy and other medications. It also can be used as part of the pre-conditioning regimen before a bone marrow transplant, either alone or with chemotherapy, to neutralize any cancer in the marrow.


Source: Accuray Incorporated

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