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Fiber-based Optics

Fiber-based optics for robotic surgery applications.

lead free glass optical fibers

Well-suited for robotic surgery applications, SCHOTT’s product portfolio encompasses:

  • Long light cables connecting the light source to the scope in a robotic surgery apparatus
  • Fiber optic cones or tapers needed to transmit light into the scope
  • Internal fiber optic light bundles inside the scope’s shaft

Flagship ingredient: Lead-free SCHOTT PURAVIS® glass optical fibers

Since their market introduction in 2012, these brilliant glass fibers have been providing outstanding white light transmission over long distances of more than 20 feet and color-rendering capabilities. This makes the glass fibers well-suited for surgical robotics equipment that illuminates the operating field with precisely focused light. This means physicians can trust they are seeing true-to-life color when these fibers are used. The fiber also features high mechanical stability, high flexibility, and very small bending radii, improving both patient comfort and ease of use.

Compared to previously available fibers, PURAVIS® fibers feature improved chemical stability, which translates into a longer lifetime for robotic surgery applications and the ability to withstand repeated cleaning and autoclaving with little light transmission loss. Illumination areas of varying sizes can be accomplished by using various versions of the fiber, which is available with aperture angles of 120 degrees, 85 degrees or 70 degrees.

Optics made from this fiber can be used for white light endoscopy, fluorescence imaging and photodynamic diagnostics.

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