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OEM Visualization Solutions

OEM visualization solutions for your medical robotic business

OEM visualization solutions

SCHÖLLY provide custom solutions that meet your requirements, from the initial idea to their global service concept.  

Conception Phase

Your product idea is turned into a concept into which SCHÖLLY incorporate both technological and economic aspects. Clinical relevance, service-friendliness and legal requirements are also considered right from the start.

Functional Model Phase & Testing

In the next step, SCHÖLLY convert concept drawings into functional models. Conceptual faults can be identified and corrected at an early stage. In this phase, models are produced that confirm the concept and technical design in feasibility studies.

SCHÖLLY begin material compatibility and reprocessing tests in their certified test laboratory at this stage. Their focus here is economic production at the highest quality.

Prototype Phase

In this phase, SCHÖLLY perform initial tests under simulated conditions. This phase concludes with the design freeze and finalization of Verification & Validation including a service and registration concept for your product.

Industrialization Phase

Based on the requirements specification document, your product will be developed and prepared for series production. Industrial engineering processes and in-house jig construction expertise in micro-optics, mechanics, and electronics allow us to achieve reproducible quality, increased process stability, and compliance with specific certification and regulatory approval requirements.

Submission Phase

SCHÖLLY make sure that your product meets all the applicable international regulatory requirements. To enable you to access the market quickly, SCHÖLLY provide the necessary evidence in good time, e. g. about, RoHS, REACH, material compatibility, reprocessing, biological assessment, or IEC reports.

Regulatory documentation is beneficial for certain regulatory approval and registration processes that are specific to products and countries, such as FDA (USA), CE (Europe), ANVISA (Brazil), Health Canada (Canada), CFDA (China), and MHLW (Japan).

Serial Production Phase

SCHÖLLY’s expertise in bringing new developments to series production and their high level of vertical integration permits continuous quality control and short lead times, whatever the volume.

Modern machinery, efficient workplace organization, and regular training ensure high-quality standards.

After Sales Service

Attractive offers for the technical service of your specific products round out their portfolio. You will receive excellent technical support for your products worldwide at SCHÖLLY’s service centers. Additional services such as consulting, support or training, are part of their after-sales services.

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