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Universalising high-precision surgery with Bitrack surgical robot

Bitrack System

First open robotic platform designed to improve the efficiency of today’s minimally invasive surgery


First open robotic platform designed to improve the efficiency of today’s minimally invasive surgery.

Bitrack is the result of more than ten years of cutting-edge research in surgical robotics. Our value proposition is to improve the efficiency of today’s robots through unique technology, improved usability, and lower acquisition costs for hospitals.


Improve the Efficiency of Current Robotic Solutions

  • Balance between added value and cost

Precision and Performances

  • Submillimetre precision
  • Designed to perform a large scope of abdominal and pelvic surgical procedures

Safety and Usability

  • Dynamic fulcrum point to reduce the forces in incision point.
  • New automatic functions to avoid a potential unexpected movements
  • Improve work flow
  • High patient accessibility
  • Minimum footprint impact: breaks entry barriers for small and medium hospitals

Indirect Costs: Time Efficient

  • Short draping and docking process
  • Fast switch from MIS to MIRS
  • Reduction of intervention time
  • Short training pathway

Cost Reduction

  • Price reduction of Robotic System
  • Avoid cost of auxiliary equipment. Integrate with hospital equipment
  • Single use instruments avoid cleaning and logistics cost
  • Lower personnel cost

Flexible and Modular

  • Passive floating fulcrum allowing free movement of the instrument: passive joints adapt to the incision point during movement.

Multi-quadrant Surgical Access


The unique robotic column architecture provides a multi-quadrant surgical access which allows robotic station placement in any position around the patient, enabling four-quadrant anatomical access and complete patient accessibility.

Open Robotic Platform


LIGHT, SMART Console: As an open platform, compatible with a large list of endoscopy instruments and equipment, Bitrack System has a fast and easy docking progress, is more accessible, and generates a low footprint impact.

Contact Information

  • Autovia de Castelldefels C-31 Km 190-5 (near Airport) 08820 El Prat de Llobregat (Barcelona)
  • +34 93 013 08 83
  • [email protected]
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