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Hydraulic Floor-Lock Systems

Mobile and stable hydraulic floor-lock systems for mobile medical devices.

Hydraulic floor-lock systems are small, inconspicuous cylinders that fix heavy mobile devices in place and brace them at their site of use. It doesn’t matter whether the surface is sloped, slippery or uneven – as soon as the device has been moved to its site of use, the operator can fix it in place with the push of a button. This is thanks to a small yet powerful hydraulic drive that is built into the housing. An established system that has been in use for many years in the medical technology industry. It also offers plenty of benefits for applications in mobile assembly robots, laboratory analysis equipment, labelling machines, and 3D printers in production halls.

What floor-lock systems can do

Hydraulic floor-lock systems are a good choice for reliably supporting and holding heavy loads in place on even surfaces. They can also be used for damping small dynamic loads. However, they are not designed for lifting loads in any way.

They lock onto the floor using hydraulic cylinders that extend just beyond the height of the castors. These are typically installed between the castors or separately, close to the castors. As such, systems like this are useful for a wide range of heavy devices and plants that need to be moved either occasionally or regularly.

You too can enjoy these benefits:

  • High manoeuvrability
  • Compensation for uneven surfaces
  • Compact system built directly into the device
  • High stability
  • Simple installation and commissioning

Easy to connect and low-maintenance

HAWE’s hydraulic kits for floor-lock applications are delivered with Plug&Play capability – already filled with oil and ready for use. They can be fixed into the base frame of the device as stand-alone units and connected to the power supply or a battery and the device’s control system. No hydraulics knowledge is required for connection or commissioning. Together with their hydraulic lines, the units form sealed systems. This means that they do not leak. They offer low maintenance and a long service life.

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