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Morning Walk

End-effector type gait rehabilitation robot.

Morning Walk S200 is an end-e­ffector type gait rehabilitation robot system which provides individualized gait rehabilitation training according to various age groups and symptoms.

It minimizes the inconvenience of other rehabilitation robots. Patient is free from the pain caused by parachute(overhead) harness and the physician does not need to spend much time and e­ffort to set. Both saddle and end-e­ffector systems are applied to help the patient’s fast recovery.


Simple process: Morning Walk S200 can board any types of patients through a segmented boarding and alighting methods. Through a safe and simple process, training can be started within 3 minutes.

Various training modes: It enhances the training eff­ect with trajectory interactive mode, speed interactive mode and section repeat mode to improve patient’s active participation during gait training. In addition, the virtual reality (VR) mode will highly increase the patient’s interest in rehabilitation training.

Personalized Therapy: It is suitable for age groups from children to adults with various symptoms such as brain damage, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s and others. It provides patient-customized gait rehabilitation by adjusting the gait speed, step width, step angle, eff­ective step-by-step treatment is possible by setting independent gait patterns with separate foot plates.

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