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Visual Haptic Feedback for Training of Robotic Suturing

Visual Haptic Feedback for Training of Robotic Suturing

Control interfaces for surgical robotic systems do not typically provide force or tactile feedback. Considerable practice is therefore needed to learn how to use visual input such as tissue deformation upon contact as a substitute for tactile sense. As a result, unnecessarily high forces are observed in novices, prior to specific robotic training.

Simulation exercises with realistic suturing tasks can provide important training outside of the operating room. This paper presents contributions to realistic interactive suture simulation for training of suturing and knot-tying tasks commonly used in robotically-assisted surgery.

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InSimo offers the robotic surgery industry a high-fidelity software package to rapidly develop the simulators needed to train their robots. Its R&D software addresses complex functionalities that are still too often inaccurate on simulators currently on the market, its strengths/added values/expertise: tissue prehension, dissections but especially suturing.

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