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Capitalizing on Robotically Assisted Surgical Devices

The Benefits of a Vertically Integrated Manufacturer

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As new OEMs enter the marketplace, they may not have the expertise in house to develop every part of their RASDs. Therefore, when looking for new partners in the supply chain, they often discover that compatibility between parts from different suppliers can be an issue. The work of negotiating or explaining design requirements with multiple suppliers can also be onerous, resulting in longer time to market and higher costs. However, with a vertically integrated manufacturer, OEMs can produce more of their RASD components with one supplier.

Biomerics is the leading medical device component developer with complete vertical integration. Biomerics’ nine manufacturing divisions, or Centers of Excellence (COEs), have the requisite materials and product component design, development, and manufacturing expertise in house, with decades of experience designing steerables, assemblies, and mechanical, imaging, and interventional components that fit into robotics applications. Experienced with robotic devices, Biomerics is ready to help OEMs develop a vast array of components for fully robotic surgical systems.

This white paper discusses the benefits of a vertically integrated manufacturer and is intended for a technical audience of R&D engineers, managers, and vice presidents at original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) alongside other institutions that are considering building or investing in robotic surgery capabilities.

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Founded in 1994, Biomerics is the leading medical device contract manufacturer serving the interventional device market. Trusted as a vertically integrated global partner with extensive engineering expertise and solutions, Biomerics supplies 20 of the top 30 medical device OEMs.

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