Surgical Robotics Technology

Advanced Intelligent Systems for Surgical Robotics

Surgical robots include advanced intelligent technologies and systems which enable robot-assisted surgeries to offer several benefits compared to the conventional approach. Such benefits include faster recovery times, reduced risk of infection and blood loss, and an overall safer procedure for patients. There are many emerging surgical robotics platforms that can carry out complex procedures, improving the cognitive and physical skills of the surgeons during the operation. Advanced technologies for sensing, actuation, and intelligent control have enabled multiple surgical devices to simultaneously operate within the human body at low cost and with more efficiency. Despite these advances, current surgical intervention systems are not able to execute autonomous tasks and make cognitive decisions that are analogous to those of humans.

This paper explores the historical development of surgery from conventional open to robotic-assisted approaches. It discusses the advanced intelligent systems and devices that are implemented in existing surgical robotic systems. It also discusses future developments of intelligent robotic-assisted surgical systems and how they will support fully autonomous operation.

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Academic paper written by Mai Thanh Thai, Phuoc Thien Phan, Trung Thien Hoang, Shing Wong, Nigel H. Lovell,and Thanh Nho Do.

Source: Wiley, Advanced Intelligent Systems.

Surgical Robotics Technology

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