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Stereotaxis Genesis Robotic Magnetic Navigation System

Stereotaxis presents the latest in Robotic Magnetic Navigation (RMN), the Genesis RMN system.

Genesis is a leap forward in robotic technology and represents the future of electrophysiology. With redesigned magnets and a novel mechanism of action, patients, physicians and hospitals can benefit from the differentiated benefits of robotic magnetic navigation in an architecture that is now smaller, lighter, faster, and more flexible.

Included with Genesis is an advanced, proprietary x-ray system specifically designed for electrophysiology. Stereotaxis Imaging Model S incorporates modern flat panel detector technology to reduce radiation and provide clear image quality, is designed to be robust and reliable, and includes a broad range of features, including beam collimation, adjustable frame rates, a variable SID and more.

The Genesis RMN System utilizes smaller magnets that rotate along their center of mass. This allows for unprecedented responsiveness to physician control. Across a broad range of navigational routines, the Genesis System is 70 to 80% faster than Niobe.

The entire System is significantly smaller and designed to improve the patient and lab experience with greater access to the patient during the procedure.

The full-suite Genesis RMN system provides the most advanced capabilities in robotic magnetic navigation in a more accessible and affordable package. Visit our website at to learn how Genesis RMN can drive patient care and practice growth in your hospital.

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