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Surgical Science Announces Acquisition of Simbionix


Surgical Science has announced the acquisition of Simbionix. The companies will now join forces to deliver the future of medical simulation. The combination of the two VR simulation companies and their respective technologies gives a never been-seen chance to deliver the highest standard in training for medical professionals.

Simulation training and surgical performance management is a growing segment of the global healthcare digitalization trend and plays an important role as new technologies rapidly enter the Operating Room. The merger between Surgical Science and Simbionix provides the healthcare community a reliable global technology partner while delivering increased patient safety.

“This acquisition should be viewed as a merger of two leading players to accelerate the ability to deliver the next generation simulation solutions for patient safety and value to our customers. We have a great respect for Simbionix’s know-how and look forward to this important step in the consolidation of our growing niche market”, says Gisli Hennermark, CEO, Surgical Science.

“We are impressed by Surgical Science’s ability to execute on a clear strategy and look forward to joining the team and playing a large part in its future. With Simbionix’s leadership position in the medical simulation field, I see great opportunity in delivering excellent value to both medical technology companies as well as educational customers with Surgical Science”, Ran Bronstein, Chief Research & Operation Officer, 3D Systems Healthcare.

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