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Patented Zero Cogging Motor Kits with Large Through-Hole, Low Hysteresis and Highly Linear Torque Output.

LS Series Slotless Motor Kits

Highest torque density with high power capability. Low thermal resistance at any speed.


ThinGap’s newest line of motor kits, the LS Series targets lower-speed, high-precision applications like gimbals, optics, and precision robotics. The LS Series of motors boasts a large through hole and low torque ripple, along with zero cogging and high torque density that comes with all ThinGap motor kits. The stator’s outer lamination stack design offers an excellent thermal path for cooling over a range of speeds.

  • Smooth motion with zero cogging and ultra low torque ripple when paired with a sinusoidal drive
  • High peak torque to continuous torque ratio
  • Optimized for ultimate torque density
  • Stationary lamination stack for typical bore mounting
  • 3 phase brushless, sinusoidal waveforms < 1% THD
  • Non-saturating facilitates very high peak torque (typically >4:1)
  • Exceptionally large clear apertures
  • Frame-less kit facilitates deep integration
  • Hall Sensor option available for the LSI 105-33, LSI 152-29, and LSI 267-32
  • Large through hole
OD Range (mm)25-267
Continuous Torque Range (N-m)0.016-11.5
Continuous Speed Range (RPM)1,530-6,370

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