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Mobile Bioskills Labs

Mobile solutions purpose built to facilitate a wide range of medical applications.

STI mobile bioskills laboratories are completely self-contained, expandable tractor-trailers, with simulated operating room space. The space includes multiple training stations, C-arm imaging systems, gowning area, integrated audio and visual capabilities, general hand instrumentation, surgical supplies, and tool washing and decontamination equipment, and more.

Our vehicles

From nimble 16′ sprinter vans to 53′ semi-trailers, each mobile unit is fully contained and operates autonomously. Our semi-trailers expand to up to 1000 sqft of usable space.

Our Equipment

Each vehicle is customized and provisioned to your program or protocol specifications to transport all equipment and materials to address your project needs.

Our Staff

STI employs only highly qualified, certified, clinician specialists with the medical skills that meet each project’s requirements (MD, RN, PA, CTBS, ASRT, etc…).

Your Program

Branded to your company’s specifications, design for your project’s demands. Each mobile unit is designed to the need of a client’s project for efficiency and performance.

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