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 NEBULAE® I System

Enhance Your Laparoscopy, See Better, Perform Better.


The NEBULAE® I System is a flexible and cost-effective insufflation system that provides higher clinical performance. The modular design allows the surgeons to enhance their procedure at any given time, alleviating the need to commit to an expensive setup at the onset of the operation.

  • Maintain a stable pneumo with high-flow smoke evacuation
  • Closed-pneumo operation keeps unfiltered & contaminated room air out of your patient
  • Use any standard trocar
  • Operate in higher definition with the In-Line Gas Warmer to prevent endoscope fogging
  • Eliminate changing CO2 e-cylinders buy connecting to wall source CO2 gas

The NEBULAE® I System is the complete solution for all laparoscopic procedures. 

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