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A recognized developer of advanced endoscope technology


Based in Portland Maine, Gray Optics designs, assembles and tests advanced optical products for the medical, life science and industrial markets. Through collaborative partnerships, we engage with our customers to solve their complex problems, accelerate product development cycles, and reduce time-to-market so they can be successful in what they do best. 

As an independent innovation partner, we work on a ‘fee for service’ basis, providing engineering support as an extension of our clients’ team. We find the optimal solution that solves your optical design and assembly challenges and enables you to win in your chosen markets. 

Our mission at Gray Optics is to improve and save lives. In this pursuit, we provide our customers in the surgical robotics market with industry-leading technology for 2D and 3D endoscopes, including chip-on-tip scopes, rod scopes, and 3D viewer systems. Our approach encompasses a deep understanding of the exact operational specifications and requirements and the end-user experience.  

Our engineering expertise and capabilities include: 

  • Optical Systems Expertise. With our unique experience in development and assembly of medical endoscopes, including illumination, camera selection, lenses, and viewer systems, we can readily optimize all core systems in the imaging pipeline. 
  • Our Process. Gray Optics’ proven New Product Development Process allows our team to collaboratively partner with our customers at any stage of the design process and is aligned to ISO 13485. 
  • Competitive Advantage. Our team’s industry-leading expertise includes system-level design and development of complete visualization systems for robotic surgery. This experience gives us a competitive edge when solving technical challenges and ensures the right technology is developed for the application.  
  • Speed and scalability. Our proven collaborative partnership model results in speed and scalability aligned to your new product development needs. Our team works in tandem with you at every stage of the new product development process, from concept through production.  

Detailed Capabilities List: 

Product Design and Engineering 

  • Illumination optics design for broadband light sources, LEDs and laser sources (Vis, NIR ad SWIR) 
  • Optical design for lens systems, mirrors, optical filters, imaging assemblies 
  • Chip-on-tip camera selection and design  
  • 3D Display Systems, Viewers 
  • Software development and image processing 
  • Opto-mechanical systems 
  • Mechatronics and automation systems  
  • Alignment and assembly fixtures and tools 

Precision Assembly 

  • Assembly of off the shelf (OTS) and custom optics 
  • Micro-optics and micro-optical assemblies, endoscope lenses  
  • Fiber optic installation and polishing  
  • Sapphire windows, Hermetic seals 
  • Custom mechanical housing 
  • Motion control (x,y,z stages) and automation systems  
  • Illumination and detection modules 
  • Lithography printed chrome on glass elements   
  • Fiber Optic bundles  
  • Custom coated filters and dichroic mirrors 
  • Metal and plastic CNC machined parts  
  • Metal and plastic 3D printed parts 
  • Photo etched and laser cut parts  
  • Laser welded metal assemblies  
  • PCBs, electronics 

Metrology & Test for 2D/3D Endoscopes 

  • Resolution – MTF, visible & IR 
  • Chromatic aberration  
  • Lens effective focal length  
  • Depth of field  
  • Direction of view (with respect to mechanical axis) 
  • Field of view (diagonal, V/H) 
  • Distortion  
  • Illumination uniformity  
  • Illumination color spatial profile  
  • Camera brightness uniformity 
  • Image brightness uniformity (combined illumination and camera)  
  • Illumination efficiency (output/input) 
  • Blemish/defect detection 
  • Direction of view difference between channels (with respect to mechanical axis)  
  • Stereo convergence  
  • Vertical disparity 

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Gray Optics
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Gray Optics
  • 983 Riverside Street, Portland, Maine 04103, USA
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