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Collaborative Robot for Minimally Invasive Surgery – MIS.


Over the last decade, FreeHand’s FDA & CE certified cobots (collaborative robots) have assisted in over 15,000 surgeries in more than 30 countries worldwide. FreeHand eliminates the need for camera-holding assistants in the OR, freeing them to perform other important tasks. FreeHand VISTA & PANORAMA are robotized camera controllers developed to benefit surgeons, healthcare providers and patients.

Freehand can be used for laparoscopic and thoracoscopic surgeries, including colorectal, upper-GI, bariatric, thoracic, gynecological and urological cases.

FreeHand empowers surgeons by providing a rock-steady image under their full and precise control with simple hands-free operation.

With a FreeHand cobot the surgeon stands at the operating table using their usual instruments and practice. Cobots fit seamlessly into the OR environment, boasting a very short learning curve and allowing surgeons to retain 100% haptic and tactile feedback.

FreeHand increases hospital & clinicproductivity by improving OR workflow, increasing surgical performance and shortening operating times by up to 20%. Surgeons report that patients experience less pain and have a shorter hospital stay. It is believed that this is a result of FreeHand cobots having a smooth and precise pivot point, reducing the “dragging” effect.

FreeHand cobots work with minimal obstruction of the operative space and the very short learning curve enables rapid adoption.

Finally, FreeHand offers flexible financial solutions that make our systems the most affordable and accessible option for healthcare institutions wishing to reap the benefits of robotic surgery.

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