Surgical Robotics Technology
Feinwerkoptik Zünd

Miniaturized camera systems for surgical robotics and endoscopy.


Feinwerkoptik Zünd AG develops and produces miniaturized camera systems for surgical robotics and endoscopy including imaging and illumination optics as well as electronics and software.

2D and 3D (stereoscopic) perception with different resolution and footprint can be chosen according application.

The high degree of miniaturization and integration of lots of functions (focusing, fluorescence, zoom) are key features of our camera systems.

Additionally, our 30 years plus experience in manufacturing of miniaturized optical components and optical design are the basis for our outstanding optics performance and image impression.

Swiss quality and outstanding delivery reliability are general core values of our company which is based in Switzerland.

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Feinwerkoptik Zünd AG
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Feinwerkoptik Zünd AG
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