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Smart linear motion and actuation solutions

Linear Guides (LLT)

Linear guides provide precise guiding function to position loads in combination with linear motion driving elements.

LLT range

The ball profiled rail guides are widely spread in many industries and are nearly used for any linear guide application. They are equipped with 4 rows of ball-bearings at right angles. Thanks to the X arrangement with rails and carriages (block), larger differences in height can also be made up. This superior design ensures reliable and friction-free operation of a linear motion system. The carriages can be replaced with the same rail size, simplifying maintenance and installation.


  • Used in many industries for multiple applications
  • Low friction and wear with high quality surfaces
  • Easy mounting with two reference sides


  • Standard with integrated side and inner seals
  • Equal load carrying capacity
  • Rails with dual reference sides


RangeSize 15, 20, 25, 30, 35 and 45
Speedup to 5 m/s
Accelerationup to 75 m/s2
Accuracydown to 18 µm / 4000 mm
Operating temperature-20 to +80°C

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