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The Senhance Surgical System with Digital Laparoscopy.


The advancements in telecommunication and robotic surgery have made the concept of telesurgery a promising and feasible option to leverage technology for better access to better surgical care. The end vision maybe what is considered remote surgery, whereby a surgeon can operate on a patient from a distance, creating a process to minimize travel, deliver care to underserved populations, address the impending surgeon shortage, and decrease the risk of infections, to name a few. But telesurgery today has progressed to the beginning of an exciting new chapter called Performance-Guided Surgery with the convergence of augmented intelligence and machine learning to provide a true digital surgical assistant for the first time. 

Asensus Surgical is leading the charge by digitizing the interface between the surgeon and the patient to unlock new capabilities with a robotic-assisted platform to perceive (computer vision), learn (machine learning), and assist (clinical intelligence) in surgery. The intended outcome: to enable consistently superior outcomes by guiding improved decision making, enriched collaboration, and enhanced predictability for all surgeons—independent of skill level and experience.

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Asensus Surgical, Inc. - Global Headquarters
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