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3D MicroPrint

Manufacturer of micro metal parts by Micro Laser Sintering.


3D MicroPrint GmbH manufactures high precision micro metal components by using micro laser sintering technology. We offer a holistic service from product design, prototyping development to serial production of your unique component. 

Our Micro Laser Sintering process aims to produce high resolution micro components in µm range. With our “Print-as-One” process we can create profitable added value for complex geometries with minimum wall thicknesses of less than 50µm in a single operation for moving components without further need to assemble the parts from individual components.

In this form of additive manufacturing, the component is successively built up from ever new layers of metal powder, with a micro laser beam fusing the individual powder particles into the desired shape. By irradiating the individual layers with the laser, three-dimensional geometries with intricate internal structures can be created, which were previously impossible or uneconomical to produce.

Many companies, especially in the fields of medical technology, aerospace, semiconductor industry, jewelry and watches are already among our satisfied customers.

3D MicroPrint is ISO 9001:2015 certified.

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3D MicroPrint GmbH
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3D MicroPrint GmbH
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